What we offer

Footprints Theatre Company

Site-specific performances, small scale interventions and workshops

Footprints uses a wide range of site-specific techniques to develop and create its productions, these include:

  • Reading space through deep mapping, drift mapping, and research into: Natural history, geography, environment, historical uses of space, oral testimony of local people, anthology, senses etc
  • Devising and experimenting in the space or site.
  • Use of a site-specific technique we have adapted: 3D proxemics, which involves the way the audience fill and use the space, the story the space itself tells, and the movement of actors within the space. This in turn gives each member of the audience a unique experience and perception because they all bring different experiences to the performance.
  • An attack of the senses – the art of moving the audience and immersing them in the theatrical performance through the change in dynamics and the changes in perspective
  • The ability to adapt and respond uniquely to the audience, creating unique commissions based on the and space or landscape.


The company writes its own material in response to a chosen site and uses a multi arts approach to exploring and developing productions. Our work contains a mixture of poetry, dance, music and drama woven into the fabric of each production. We create our own props, sets and costumes, and try to do this out of environmentally recyclable materials.

Our work includes site-specific performance projects, small scale interventions and workshops.