Small scale interventions

Footprints concentrate on developing an awareness on spaces and places around us, and our reaction to the localities around us. Small scale interventions encourage passing audiences to stop and look for a moment, experiencing familiar surroundings with fresh eyes.

These projects focus on the environment, places and spaces and uses the medium of theatre to articulate and animate each space.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Colchester Curiosities is a site -specific performance which engages bystanders in busy town centres and lively events to stop for a moment and take a pause in their hectic everyday lives. They are encouraged by Footprints to experience a sense of curiosity at objects, places, people and unusual happenings.

The Victorians were well known for their incredible curiosity and energy for collecting. Footprints has harnessed this idea to create an interactive piece of theatre which is highly engaging for the audience.

Actors play a variety of characters from the Victorian era to help stimulate the audience and engage them. Often there is an exciting outcome for the audience, and they will take away ‘a gift’, something special to remember their interactions with us.

Christmas Cabinet of Curiosities

Traditional characters from Victorian times present the Christmas Cabinet of Curiosities in a set hand created and dressed by Footprints. The characters may vary, but have included the Ghost of Christmas past, Mrs Beeton, Mr Charles Dickens, and Mrs Fezziwig in previous productions. The characters introduce the audience to a variety of fun Victorian Christmas traditions which the audience engage with in an interactive way.

Washing Line of Love

The Washing Line of Love is designed to give people the chance to share their own personal stories with others using items inside their homes and lives as a starting point
Participants have an opportunity to create their own physical Washing Line of Love.

Footprints engages the audience in a way that gives them an opportunity to talk freely and openly about something that has special meaning to them. We want them to be inspired to share a story which has special meaning.

Donald Davies a story teller believes “A story is like a line, a wire between the teller and the listener. Both people hold each end of it, and the story walks on that wire between them.”

Footprints believes that the line on which the story dangles is a power line which has the power to connect, heal, influence, engage and inspire both those telling their stories and those listening to them.

Celebrating inspiring women

VE Day


Footprints are thrilled to have been selected to be part of Mercury Creatives, a support, mentoring and growth programme funded by The European Union.

Placing unusual objects in different spaces is a site-specific technique used by Footprints. ‘Call Me’ is a project which fitted in to all sorts of unusual places such as Southend Town Centre, The Fling and Colchester Young Children’s Festival.